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 The Crystal Swamp of Agrilat.

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Master Aran Cuthilion

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The Crystal Swamp of Agrilat. Empty
PostSubject: The Crystal Swamp of Agrilat.   The Crystal Swamp of Agrilat. I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 06 2013, 14:35

The swamp lands of Agrilat are Ironically commonly considered on of the beauties of the planet Corrllie. Due to them being what most would call a crystal swamp land. This meaning that the plants in the swamp land are crystalline, and bearing sharp and jagged edges. These swamps are a famous site for illegal racing. They are also known to produce tongue loosening drugs.

"In your quest for peace, serenity, and balance. You will never be able to achieve your goals through brute force. However doing nothing is as equally useless. You must merely find a way to direct your life as a stream, softly and gently pushing against the challenges which stop you from obtaining your goals. Naturally eroding your obstacles as they present themselves."

-Jedi Master Aran Cuthilion.
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The Crystal Swamp of Agrilat.
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